Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring for a day hike?

Please see our Info Page ‘A’ - Lowland Hikes.

What do I need to bring for a weekend away?

Please see our Info Page ‘B’ - Weekends away.

What is YHA accommodation like?

Please see our Info Page ‘C’ - YHA Accommodation.

What do I need to bring for hill or mountain hikes?

If we are visiting hill our mountain areas such as the northern Peak Distict, the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia, Mid Wales, the Brecon Beacons or Dartmoor, then please see Info Page ‘D’ - Hill and Mountain Hikes.

What do your walk grades mean?

We state the grade in thw walk description on Meetup, using the Ramblers Walk Gradings. Most of our walks are in the Moderate grade. A few may be Leisurely and some in mountainous areas may be Strenuous.

Can I cut the hike short?

That depends on where we are going. In South-East England, if you want to cut the hike short for any reason, there will usually be a road somewhere where you can call a taxi. On a weekend away in remote hill or mountain areas, we may be away from roads all day so there is no opportunity to cut the hike short and it may not be safe for you to turn back alone.

Can I bring a dog?

Registered assistance dogs are always welcome. For other dogs, you can bring one well-behaved dog on a hike if the hike leader agrees and if no-one else is also bringing a dog, including a registered assistance dog. Please also read The Ramblers Guide Walking with dogs

It’s raining, will the hike go ahead?

Our hikes go ahead whatever the weather, except in the most extreme weather conditions. If it’s wet then please feel free to change your RSVP to “No”.

Do I need to join The Ramblers?

Although we are affilaited to The Ramblers, we are a Meetup Group, not a Ramblers Group so you don’t need to join the Ramblers when you join our group. Nevertheless, as a group, we support the charitable objectives of The Ramblers and we encourage our members to consider joining The Ramblers.

Do I need to join YHA (England and Wales)?

You don’t need to join YHA (England and Wales) to come on our weekends away but if you are not a member of YHA (or another country’s association affiliated to Hostelling International) you will need to pay an extra £3 per night on most weekends where we use YHA accommodation.

What is the age range of Group members?

As this is a new group started in 2018, we don’t know yet but we hope that it will develop as a group with a wide age range where members of any age can relate to each other as equals.

What is the age range of people who use YHA accommodation?

Although YHA originally stood for Youth Hostels Association, anyone can stay at YHA including students, backpackers, families and retired people. You don’t have to be young but you are likely to meet young people so it helps to be young at heart. The average age is typically lower in city hostels compared to those in rural areas where we stay on most of our Group weekends.