Hike - To walk a long way* usually for pleasure, especially in the country.

*Our hikes are typically 8 - 10 miles (12.8 - 16 km), sometimes shorter or longer.

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What we do

+Including EN4, EN5 (in the former Postal County of Hertfordshire).


Find all our events on the South Herts Hikers Meetup Group and sign up for events on-line.

We also have an Events Page for further information about selected events such as weekends away and a Routes Page with hiking routes that you can follow independently.


You can join our group by clicking 'Join Us' on the Meetup Group. You then become a prospective member and you can attend our events. There is currently no annual membership fee but we invite a voluntary donation for each event. From 1st August 2019, it has become necessary to increase this to £2 per person for a one-day event. The £2 donation does not include any cost of travel, meals, accommodation, etc.

You don't need to pay when you sign up for a standard one-day event, you can pay cash on the day and for standard one day events, there is nothing to pay if you cancel.

We also organise weekends away, where you can sign up and reserve a place provisionally without payment but you need to pay for accommodation before your place is confirmed. For weekends away, there is normally a charge if you cancel.

Your donations contribute towards the running costs of the Group, which is run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis.

Please see the Membership page for further details.

What do I need?

We have some guides on what to take for day hikes and weekends away. Please see our Hiking Info page for further details.

Event Photos

Each Meetup event has its own photo album on Meetup. If you attend an event, you can upload and share your photos on-line. Here is a link to photo albums for past events.


Please see links on our Affiliations Page.

Hiking routes

We publish information about selected hiking routes on our Hiking Routes page.

Any other questions?

Please see our FAQ page or Contact Us.

Page last updated 22nd July 2019